Business Class Support

?s & Answers:

  • What is your Basic Hourly Rate?
    $132 billed in 1/2 hour increments.
  • When do you start charging?
    We start charging from the time we start dedicating ourselves to the resolution of your problem.  We have a grace period of 6 minutes per issue. If you call us and we can get you on a path to fix your problem in six minutes or less, there is no charge unless we have to remote into your system.
  • What are your Minimums?
    On-Site: One Hour
    Remote or Phone Support: 1/2 hour.
  • Do you charge for the time it takes to travel here?
    We do, but not to exceed 1 hour within the Louisville Metro or Southern Indiana Area
  • Do you have after-hours support?
    We do, but clients that require us to work after hours will be charged 1.5x their normal rate on weekdays and 2x the normal rate on the weekends or holidays. This is meant to discourage abuse of the flexibility that we can afford and make sure that our families get some attention too.
  • If you have to call someone else for support do we still get charged for your time?
    Yes. While our time is dedicated to your task, we bill for our time. If we have to escalate the call to another support source (Microsoft, Seagate, Symantec, etc.), we still bill for our time because it is dedicated to solving your problem. If we have to bring in paid support (Microsoft, etc.), we will have our clients purchase the support ticket.  In this case, our client is paying for us to interface with these support services.  While our clients are perfectly capable of using a phone, the value that we offer is that we can interpret and communicate with the support call in a manner that should expedite the resolution of the problem.
  • Why do you charge this way?
    Unlike most businesses where you get a paycheck at the end of a workweek and it’s always the same, our business relies on a very uneven paycheck. While we are not billing for most of our workday, we are constantly working, but just unable to bill for the time. The reason we use minimums, and charge for what seem to be small things sometimes, is that we need to be able to have enough money to keep working for our clients even when we are working doing research and trying to keep up with technology so that we can better serve them.  Even though we are charging for our time, our clients are actually paying for our availability and our ability to serve them in an educated and professional manner.