Small Businesses have the same problems that big businesses have but without the budget. This makes them increasingly a target for ne’er do wells and miscreants who want nothing more than to bleed you dry while infecting your system and ruining your productivity and reputation.

Let us help by giving your IT folks the tools to get the job done. We can take the fire-fighter role off their backs so that they can do what they’re best at… being a fire-chief.

Having an internal IT department gives you the flexibility to be technologically agile, but if you don’t have an IT department, we can step in to fill that gap while you grow. We want to support your business the best we can.

ActiveSHIELD is a complete suite of services that focuses on the needs of small businesses like yours. You will not find yourself saying “I thought you were taking care of that” because… we are. What we won’t do is the minimum just to pretend we have your back.

All prices are based off of a 10 Computer, 10 User, 1 Server and 1 Location business… it will vary depending on actual size:

ActiveSHIELD Essentials The best friend of an IT Pro

The complete package for IT Professionals to help them get their job done quickly. We have your back:

  • Spam Cleaning for your businesses domain
  • Threat Management (Full Suite of anti-bad-stuff software, reporting, and management)
  • Access to Failure Monitoring for Hardware, Services, etc.
  • Automated Responses to Failures, or threshold breaches
  • Remote Access for remote workers via Remote Control Software
  • Remote Tools for Administrators to fix things behind the scenes
  • Workstation Cloud Backup with daily virtual booting and verification reporting
  • Patch Management
  • Managed Firewall
  • Out-Of-Band Remote support available
  • Managed WiFi
  • Discounts on Remote and In-Person Visits

$475/mo *

ActiveSHIELD StandardThe IT Department and tools you need, The services to get and keep you running

Everything from the Essentials Package Plus an IT Department at your beck and call and the software and services to get you on the Internet and working in the digital age:

  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Wireless Access Points & Management
  • MS Office Suite of Business Software
  • Website Hosting
  • IMAP Email Hosting
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Server Virtual Cloud Recovery (Daily Virtualization Check)
  • Network Support even when the Internet is down
  • Automatic restarting of Network Hardware on failures
  • Computer Warranty Monitoring to keep your systems supportable and your costs fixed
  • Discounted In-Person Visits

$1320/mo *

ActiveSHIELD MaxThe IT Department for the advanced and growing Business

Everything from the Standard Package Plus Everything you need for advanced IT collaboration and the challenges of growing businesses:

  • Full MS Exchange Communications Services
  • Email Archiving
  • Policy-based eMail encryption
  • Monthly Internal Risk Assessment Scan
  • Electronics Recycling Services
  • Controlled Shared File Access anywhere
  • Resilient Internet Services
  • Managed Network Switching

$1600/mo *

*A typical 10 User, 10 Computer and 1 Server Environment | Some limitations apply
Some Services require a one-time setup fee

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