Privacy Policy

Shield Edge Technologies is in the business of supporting Information Technologies.   In order to support its clients, client information is shared on a regular basis with the highest levels of access with Shield Edge.   This policy is to cover what we do with that information and how we safeguard it.

Collected Information:

Shield Edge Technologies goes to great measures to document its client’s networks so that the client may better understand their own systems and may share with other third parties as the clients deem necessary.   Shield Edge does NOT share information directly with any other third party, but will instead release the information to the client who can then control the flow of information.

Clients no longer being serviced by Shield Edge will have their information available for no less than three years in the archives and digitally stored by Shield Edge.  We have found that, from time to time, a former client will need assistance in locating the information that they have misplaced.  This is done as a continued service and professional courtesy.

Shield Edge stores client information on their own systems using encrypted storage to make certain that the data may not fall into the hands of an unauthorized third party.

Remote Access of Information:

Shield Edge’s mission to serve our clients efficiently and with as much alacrity as possible necessitates that we must remotely access our client’s systems regularly to resolve issues.   All remote control access into clients’ systems is encrypted.

Communications with the client:

Shield Edge will not transmit the username and password of a system together to be transmitted in cleartext.  If there has not been an encryption method setup between the email recipients, then either two separate communication methods or a secured channel will be used to transmit separated credential information.

If you have any questions or concerns about Shield Edge’s use or protection of information, please do not hesitate to call us.